Petillant Naturel - Made using the apple's natural sugars and wild yeasts, our pet-nats are rich and intensely apply; a pure reflection of the orchards. We bottle the cider before the long, slow fermentation is complete to capture the tiny, natural bubbles.

Methode Traditionelle - The same techniques used to produce the finest sparkling wines create these dry & sophisticated sparkling ciders. They're crisp & clean; excellent as an aperitif, or for pairing with seafood or cheeses. 

Tasting Notes

2015 Pet Nat #001. 4%vol - earthy and fruity

2015 Pet Nat #003. 4%vol -  tart-tatin in a glass

2015 Methode Traditionelle #124. Brut. 7.5%vol - Pale gold, the nose is delicate with hints of peach. This has a champagne feel. Citrus flavours with underlying but delicate apple characters. The sweetness is well balanced. Overall very delicate and quite floral.(Tasting notes from Master of Wine Susan McCraith)

2015 Methode Traditionelle #3.Brut Nature. 8%vol: Pale gold with a brittle mousse. Ripe apples on the nose with some floral notes and hints of mown hay. The mousse on the palate adds a creaminess. Bone dry yet the long finish is of sweet ripe fruit, very clean and refreshing. Very well balanced and a delicious flavour. (Tasting notes from Master of Wine Susan McCraith)  

Like Old World wine our ciders are influenced by vintage variation, so no two years will taste the same.